Challenge fans rejoice! MTV has officially announced the return of season 29 of The Challenge. The Challenge: Invasion will premiere on Tuesday February 7th with a 2-hour episode. New individual format with a new twist. 18 “Underdogs”, rookies and challengers who have not won a season, will compete for 12 spots in Challenge luxury and will eventually be met by 8 former champions.

The Challenge is known to throw twists and bring heavy hitters in from back home, but this time the champs are here to stay and will play the game out. Should be an interesting dynamic from this season’s cast. There are a lot of rookies and also a lot of old faces returning. I’m ecstatic about producers bringing back Vets like CT, Darrell, and Shane and interested in seeing how they put up with the younger contestants.

This season will include the first ever three-day final. Insane. Rivals 1 introduced the first two-day final, which has been a common trend since, as well as proving to be extremely difficult. Three days? I can’t even begin to imagine what the finalists will have to go through. Very likely to be the hardest final in Challenge history.

Once the season starts I will be doing weekly episode recaps so stay tuned. Follow me on Twitter to discuss anything Challenge related, @mgala16

Go Vets!