Finally! The Challenge Invasion [of the champs] trailer has finally been released. About time MTV. I’m a big fan of the concept, I love individual games and the super twist is one of the biggest they’ve ever pulled off.

To no one’s surprise, the trailer looks absolutely lit! I’m sure the underdogs knew the champs were coming, but still the reveal of the eight champs looks awesome. As TJ said, “These are eight of the toughest competitors to ever win a Challenge title.” No doubt about it..except maybe Ashley K. No offense, but she’s only made one appearance. This Challenge will definitely be an opportunity for her to prove herself.

The rest of the champs are some of the most seasoned vets in Challenge history. Love who they were able to get.   The champs are all wearing the same jersey which is interesting because this was promoted as an individual game with all the underdogs in different colored jerseys. It may turn into a team game once the champs arrive because the underdogs eventually all get red jerseys.

Should be an interesting season with possibly multiple twists. I think I speak for all Challenge fans when I say bless up for the return of CT and Darrell. The Challenge Invasion starts February 7th with a two hour premier.