What a frustrating night for #BullsNation.  After going up 2-0 on the 1-seed Celtics and #PlayoffRondo out there looking like his Celtics days, the Bulls collapsed following Rondo’s injury and lost 4 straight.  It’s been a roller coaster of a season for Bulls fans, so many ups and downs.  Mostly downs though.

We poured our heart and souls into a team with an inept front office, softball head coach, and inconsistent rotation.  It seems like the Bulls never really figured out what worked out. Inconsistency is the word to sum up this season. I’ll never understand how we beat the better teams in the league (including 4-0 season sweep of the Cavs, suck it LeBron) and lose to absolute scrub teams.  Also, quick shout out to the #TNTBulls, at least that streak lives on.

During the second half of the Game 6 blowout last night the fans let their voices be heard in the UC. “Fire Hoiberg” chants broke out after the second year coach was obviously out coached by Brad Stevens. Stevens was able to make adjustments following the 0-2 the Celtics dug, and Hoiberg could not match.  Starting with small ball in Game 3 in an attempt to keep Robin Lopez out of the paint and take advantage of his slow foot speed in defending PnR sets was pure Brad Stevens genius status.

Going back to Hoiberg, I’m right there with the fans.  I hated the hiring of him. He’s soft. He can’t connect with his players. Most importantly, he’s not Thibs. I want Hoiberg and GarPax out of the Bulls organization more than anything, but with Reinsdorf that’s unlikely to happen, he stays loyal.  GarPax could probably get blamed more for this season than Hoiberg.  Hear me out, I hate Hoiberg so I will defend him in the smallest amount possible, literally a fraction.

GarPax never gave him the type of roster for his system.  I don’t think we ever really saw “Hoiball” this season in its entirety.  Hoiberg’s system revolves around three point shooters in a pace and space system.  Didn’t have that. I want Hoiberg gone, would not complain if he’s fired this offseason. I’d be ecstatic to be honest.  But if he’s still around come next season, let’s hope he has younger and more athletic three point shooters. And Rondo. Please bring Rondo back. I’m always going to be cautiously optimistic with this team.

#BullsNation take it easy from here. This season has finally come to an end. Bless up.