Jemmye from Real World: Back to New Orleans hasn’t been on The Challenge since Battle of the Exes 2, but that isn’t stopping her from throwing shade.

Jem has always been one of the realest cast members from The Challenge and I absolutely love it. Never change Jem, never change. In the tweet above, Jay AKA the guy who quit in a final, shows his desire to be on this season The Challenge Invasion of The Champions because of the individual format. Shout out to Jem for once again keeping it real and she is 1000% right.

When is this guy going to realize he will never be back? As Nia said on the Exes 2 reunion, he’s a one hit wonder. You don’t just quit in a final and get welcomed back with open arms. TJ probably never wants to see this guy again in his life.

Derrick enjoyed Jem’s shade as well. Diesel is the type of competitor we need back on the show. Hopefully Derrick makes a comeback on season 30..?