We’re just one week away from season 28 of MTV’s The Challenge! This season is Rivals 3, but for the first time the teams are in guy/girl pairings. Check my earlier post for this season’s cast, but this blog is for some teams that should have been part of this particular theme.

1. Johnny Bananas and Cara Maria: These two have never gotten along and we’ve seen their rivalry over several seasons, most notably Free Agents and Bloodlines. No doubt they would’ve been a favorite to win had Cara been Bananas’ partner on this season. Cara most likely decided to take a season off due to the love triangle drama on Bloodlines between Abe and Thomas. Can’t blame her, but she’s missing out on easy money. As for Banana’s of course he’s back, he’s the staple of the show.

2. Abram and Laurel: Abe made his return to The Challenge after a 5 season absence and I was hoping to see more of him on future seasons. He’s obviously a wildcard and can make a dent in anyone’s game plan. He called out Laurel on Cutthroat when she was trying to lose on purpose in order to send Cara Maria into the Gulag. Post-Cutthroat, Abe and Laurel never saw eye to eye despite Abe and Cara being together and Cara and Laurel being best friends. Abe has sent some mean tweets to Laurel not too long ago, proving there is still unfinished business there. They would also be a very strong team if they were on this season.

3. Zach and Marie: Marie was supposed to be on the Bloodlines cast but then backed out. That was unfortunate, fans have been asking for the RW: St. Thomas alum to come back after she only appeared on Battle of the Seasons. Apparently Marie is up for a return now and she should have been on this season with Zach. Zach and Marie were the vocal leaders for their respective teams on Battle of the Seasons. If you remember, St. Thomas originally did not want to be part of the rookie alliance which caused rifts with Zach and Team San Diego. They would’ve been a solid team and fans would’ve liked to see them both.

4. Frank and Nany: Frank hasn’t been seen since he had to leave early from Free Agents because of an infection. He would’ve been a great choice for Rivals 3 with Nany after their verbal match on Battle of the Seasons, where Frank actually stooped so low to call out her family member. The two of them together would have made for a loud team and probably would have stirred up drama. Surprised producers didn’t try hard enough to get this team.

5. Jordan and Nia: These two have had a love/hate relationship since their original season of RW: Portland. It’s been a rocky road for them, but they would have probably made a great team on Rivals 3. Arrogant Jordan and Hurricane Nia surely would’ve been TV gold in terms of drama. Again, producers should have gone all out for this team.