Unless you’re living under a rock, you know that the Sacramento Kings traded DeMarcus Cousins to the New Orleans Pelicans in one of the most lopsided trades I can recall. Considering Boogie only played two minutes in the All-Star game last night the trade speculation was floating around until we got hit with a #WojBomb.

The biggest deal before the deadline (so far) and it took everyone by surprise, mainly because the Kings said they were not going to trade Cousins. What’s even more surprising is what the Kings got in return, which is nothing of equal value.

The Pistons reportedly offered a Cousins for Drummond deal that the Kings turned down. Are you kidding me? Instead you take a low ball offer that doesn’t help your team. I really feel for the fans in Sac-town, they don’t deserve this. Such a great fan base who has to suffer because of their owner and front office. Sounds a lot like my situation with GarPax and the Bulls. (Not to mention this deal screws the Bulls out of Sacramento’s first rounder this year.)

Going back to the Kings though, they once had Boogie, IT, and Whiteside on the same team. How does a franchise screw up that bad? The simple answer here is that their owner wanted to run a cherry picking defense in the NBA, so there’s that.

Sacramento Kings fans, I truly feel for you here and understand any frustration you may have, but thanks for becoming the most inept front office and making the Bulls look slightly better. Kinda.