If you’re a fan of The Challenge you know that last night one of the biggest moves in Challenge history just went down. But my question is, was it actually scripted? Hear me out. I’m really starting to think Bananas decision to keep all the money to himself was scripted to create a HUGE TV moment and that Sarah did actually get a cut of the prize money.

  1. Boring Season and Boring Final: Not going to lie, wasn’t that much of a fan of this season. Sure it had its moments like every season, but didn’t really meet my expectations. Needed more competition. The amount of episodes that didn’t have eliminations and people quitting or getting sent home really made this season drag. Not to mention, the final was one of the most boring ones I can recall of the modern day Challenges. Honestly, they should just do every final in Iceland like Battle of the Exes. So could producers have scripted the final decision to make up for a terrible season? I think it’s very possible. Johnny Bananas and Sarah have also done enough of these shows to know what makes for good television, so if the terms were agreed upon and Sarah did get a cut, I could see them pulling it off.

2. The After Show: On one of this season’s after show, Bananas and Sarah seemed to be really cool and friends with each other. At the reunion they couldn’t even sit by each other, but on the after show they were close and even hugging. The after show was filmed before the reunion as well.

3. Sarah’s Instagram: On her Instagram (@ImSarahRice), Sarah posted photos of her and Bananas on both his birthday and also #NationalBestFriendsDay. If she was truly screwed over and didn’t get a cut of the money do you think she would do that? The pictures are still up at the time I’m blogging this. (12:25PM Thursday 8/4/16, day after season finale)  I’ve posted the pictures below.