The offseason just got more exciting. Ice Cube and former NBA player Roger Mason Jr. have partnered with investors to launch Big3, a 3 vs. 3 pro league featuring former players. The league will feature eight teams with five players each and a former player as a coach who will play half-court games while on tour this summer.

Players who have already committed to the tour include Kenyon Martin, Stephen Jackson, Jermaine O’Neal, Rashard Lewis, Jason Williams, and most recently Chauncey Billups. Former Supersonics legend Gary Payton will be a coach on the tour.

I cannot wait to see this unravel this summer, and with Chicago being a must-stop on the tour I will definitely be in attendance.  Life without basketball is horribly boring. We’ve been lucky enough to have pro-ams like the Drew League, Seattle Pro-Am, and The Basketball Tournament aka TBT to fill the hoops void. But Big3 is going to give us players that are not far removed from their NBA careers take the court again.

A lot of the guys who will be participating in the league can still probably play. I’m sure they still hoop at the rec a few times a week. It’s just that the scheduling of the NBA these days can really wear down the body of an NBA vet.

I’m curious to see which former players will join the tour as they will need 40 players to fill their desired plan. Jason Williams and Mike Bibby were teammates in TBT 2016, so Bibby might be a recruit. I would also love to see Billups recruit Rip Hamilton, Rasheed Wallace, Ben Wallace, and Tayshaun Prince to reunite that ’04 Pistons team.

They should honestly have each team captain recruit a team and then form a web series documenting it all. Hey Big3, hire me. I’ve got great PR ideas.