God bless the Jaguars man. This is what it takes to try and fill the stands. A singles tailgate event. Guess they can’t market the fact that they had a young core with plenty of upside anymore. 

Sitting at 2-11 when there were some bright expectations is not good for a team that’s had trouble marketing their franchise. So this is what the PR team came up with? “Get Your Honey For The Holidays”, how is that possible the day before Christmas? I find it hard to believe a chick is going to join a dude she just met in a parking lot for Christmas dinner at his parents home. 

Not the best holiday strategy from Jags PR. I mean anyone could roll up into that tailgate and just be looking for a side piece or come for the two free drinks. How are they going to be able to tell if someone’s single or not? 

I’m really curious as to how this is going to turn out. I shouldn’t be that judgmental either. Some people may be desperate for love like the Jaguars are desperate for fans. 

PS: Who is Robby Hayes?