The other day, Seahawks corner Richard Sherman contributed an article on The Players Tribune titled Why I Hate Thursday Night Football I couldn’t agree more. Regardless on how you feel about Sherman, this article is on point.

Sherman describes Thursday Night Football as a “poopfest”and judging by the games we’ve seen this season, that’s pretty accurate. Note the following:

Week 3: Texans 0, Patriots 27

Week 4: Dolphins 7, Bengals 22

Week 9: Jaguars vs. Titans..who’s going to watch that?

Week 11: Browns 7. Ravens 28

Week 15: Rams 3, Seahawks 24.. RIP Jon Ryan

Moving on from the competition/performance argument, Sherman emphasizes player safety, something the league tries to promote. Thursday night games have gotta be brutal on a player’s body. I’m no football player, but I can’t imagine playing a game on a Sunday, and then having to play again four days later. There’s absolutely no recovery time for the players. Sherman does a great job outlining the typical week in the life of an NFL player.

Player safety to should be the #1 priority for the NFL, especially with the concussion rate.   The NFL is a business and they’re going to keep making business decisions, which I hate. Do what’s best for the league and that would be what’s best for the players. I understand fans are going to watch TNF and advertisers pay for ad space, but c’mon now, help the guys that are actually out their on the field.

Getting a commissioner that the players actually respect should be a priority as well, #FireGoodell. I love Sherman going at Goodell in this article, the guy doesn’t have a single clue on what players endure on Sunday’s. Goodell and the league NEED to take a better approach the player health and it needs to happen yesterday. Eliminate the preseason, cut Thursday night games, add a second bye week, I don’t care. Help the players for once Goodell.