It’s no secret Bulls Coach Fred Hoiberg irritates the living hell out of me.  The job should have never been his. Tonight featured quite an interesting play call from the softball coach.

Bulls down 2 against Denver in crunch time, so who do you go to for a potential game tying/winning shot? Jimmy G Buckets? D-Wade? Nope, Isaiah Canaan.  Absolute wild decision by Freddy. Game ended minutes ago and it’s got my brain wrapped up.

Let me get this straight.. you’re down 2 with a chance to either send the game into OT or go for all the marbles and you take a guy off the bench to take the final shot? … and he air balls it… Don’t get me wrong, that was a great ATO play by Hoiberg (kills me to give him any sort of credit) but why is Canaan taking that shot when you have Jimmy and Wade on the floor? Makes zero sense whatsoever, but hey that’s Hoiball for ya.

Can’t solely blame the game on this play call though, Bulls were as inconsistent as we know them to be. Started with a solid lead only to let Denver go on a 24-0 run. Battled back, was close to a W but no cigar.

Bulls now 3-2 on the final Circus Road Trip and hopefully will return to Chicago going above .500 on the trip. I sure hope they don’t play this inconsistent against the Sixers of all teams.

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