I love how were not even a month into the season and we’re already talking big trade moves. According the White Mamba, Brian Scalabrine, one of the Splash Bros from Golden State may be available on the trade market.

Before the season even started, there were talks about Klay Thompson’s production decreasing with the addition of Kevin Durant.  Well last night he was able to drop 30 points with the Curry/Durant/Thompson trio combining for 89. Chemistry issues were definitely a concern, even Durant admitted that was on his mind. Right now that doesn’t seem like an issue, but let’s entertain the idea of this trade scenario.

This potential blockbuster deal between the Warriors and Celtics could work out for both teams. The deal would involve Thompson, Avery Bradley, Jae Crowder, and the Nets’ first round draft pick owned by Boston.

The Celtics would evidently benefit from acquiring Thompson.  In a weaker Eastern Conference, the main concern for any team aiming for a title run is getting past LeBron James and the Cavaliers. At this point, no team has a legitimate chance.  If this trade goes down, the Celtics will have a trio of Isaiah Thomas, Al Horford, and Klay Thompson, which would be a very competitive force against the Cavs.

Boston would have to give up two great defenders in Avery Bradley and Jae Crowder, but for a guy like Klay Thompson it’s all worth it. Thompson is a much better shooter and scorer than Bradley and Crowder and his defense is not too shabby at all. If you have the opportunity to give up two B-list players for an All-Star, you do it.

This deal would also help the Warriors, primarily improving their defense.  Andre Iguodala would most likely step into the starting shooting guard role, but you would have Bradley and Crowder coming off the bench.  This move would easily give the Warriors one of the best benches in the league.  Guys like Bradley and Crowder would be a relief for Curry and Durant who wouldn’t necessarily have to worry about their offensive production being hindered while on the bench or court.

Shipping out Thompson might affect the Warriors’ identity, as they have established themselves as an uptempo, three point shooting, small ball squad. Adding two perimeter defenders who don’t exactly qualify for the current system under Head Coach Steve Kerr might force a change in the game plan.  Fortunately for Kerr, he has former Cavs coach Mike Brown in his lead assistant role and he’s known to be a defensive-minded coach.

This trade could really shake up the league and be beneficial for both sides. The Celtics could put themselves in a legitimate position to make a title run, possibly knocking King James off his throne.  The door would be open for Steph Curry and Kevin Durant to run the Warriors and transition into a high scoring duo, rather than having Thompson third wheeling.