If you don’t want any cast spoilers for The Challenge Season 29 which is currently filming, turn back now.

On this upcoming season, we get the return of three Old School vets in Darrell Taylor, CT, and Shane Landrum, who hasn’t been on in 16 seasons (last appearance was Fresh Meat). Producers are finally giving fans what they have been asking for, some REAL Vets who are coming to actually compete.

Challenge Vet and three-time champ, Derrick Kosiniski was speculated to be on Season 29 but did not end up making the final cast. If you have seen his social media activity, it’s become evident that Diesel wants to make his Challenge comeback.

A couple days ago, The Challenge’s official Twitter account tweeted out a link to a blog recapping The Duel which occurred in 2006. The title of the blog was This Is What The Challenge Looked Like 10 Years Ago, and showed how different the game and cast looked a decade ago.

A Challenge fan account then quoted the Tweet tagging several Challenge Vets, including Derrick and this was his reply,

Could this potentially be a hint at Season 30’s theme? Old School vs. New School? The concept has been teased the past couple seasons and with a milestone like Season 30 fast approaching it makes sense.  There are several vets who have expressed an interest in returning and now might be the time for producers to capitalize on the opportunity.

With Darrell, CT, and Shane on this season I thought it was a for sure sign that this season would set up an Old School vs. New School challenge. Let me know what you think! @mgala16