A few days ago, Celtics guard Isaiah Thomas released the first episode of a web series called “Book of Isaiah”. In this series, Thomas and producer T.J. Regan are documenting Thomas’ offseason preparation leading up to the start of the 2016-17 NBA Season. Regan has also filmed and produced State Of Nate featuring NBA vet Nate Robinson. These Seattle connections are strong.

I loved the first episode with footage of Thomas’ Memorial Day Zeke-End tournament. The tourney featured players like Jared Sullinger and Pierre Jackson and showed the love for basketball in Seattle. Just another reason why Seattle deserves and NBA team back.

After watching only the first episode I was motivated. I love seeing athletes put the work in like Thomas has been. His dedication to the game is exemplified in this series and he’s going to light it up this year for Boston.

There’s been four chapters released so far, I’ll attach them below. Big fan of this series already and can’t wait for more from Thomas and Regan. Go C’s.