As Ice Cube would say, It Was A Good Day. It’s official, Tony Snell is gone and I couldn’t be happier #ByeFelicia. The rumored deal that the Bulls were shipping out Snell was the best news I got this weekend considering the Bears choked and I’m now fresh out of Cheezits.

Michael Carter-Williams might not be the most sought trade piece, but honestly the real win here was getting rid of Snell. I was tired of watching this guy pretend to be a basketball player. MCW is not going to help our backcourt shooting whatsoever, but he is a former Rookie of the Year who has unreal length for a point guard at 6’6.

Not saying the Bulls are going to be any better than expected with this deal, but if anything the size of MCW could potentially help on the defensive end, where the Bulls under #SoftballHoiberg struggle immensely. It also gives the Bulls a backup point guard to play behind Rondo, because it’s not like we have 5 point guards on the roster right now… MCW will probably be the definite backup though.

If Snell doesn’t workout for the Bucks, 96% chance he doesn’t, he could always go play for David Blatt overseas.