In honor of #NationalWhiteChocolateDay, which is quite literally a holiday for myself, here’s a Jason Williams appreciation post.

One of the most electric players the game has ever seen, the second coming of Pistol Pete. White Chocolate is truly a legend, a living highlight reel. The appreciation I have for Jason Williams is unreal. I could watch his highlights all day, every day and never get tired of it.

I love that he’s still hooping at 40 years old and is literally becoming that Old White Guy From the YMCA that absolutely schools the youngins. That’s my goal in life. J-Will is the type of guy that will never stop hooping, he’s probably at the rec 4-5 times a week playing. He’s out here baptizing the new generation.

It’s only right I wear his jersey out for my 21st as a sign of respect.

The man, the myth, the Legend. Often imitated, never duplicated. Girls wanna be with him, guys wanna be him. White Chocolate.

White Chocolate hasn’t played in the league since 2011, but at 40 years of age the man still has it. Every once in awhile we get an Orlando ProAm mixtape from filmer Ryan Currie .

Mixtape at age 38. “I AIN’T TRAVEL SINCE I WAS 6.” Love it.

Probably the best modern footage of J-Will was last year’s mixtape from the Orlando ProAm. Age 39 and still filthy.  Vintage White Chocolate right here.

Most recently White Chocolate played in The Basketball Tournament aka TBT with Pedro’s Posse, his Orlando ProAm squad, that also featured another former Kings point guard Mike Bibby.

Hopefully we get more mixtapes out of Orlando soon and we see J-Will at TBT 2017. white-chocolate-and-mike-bibby

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