Last week I lost my first life in Survivor League. That Bengals/Jets game was a shootout and didn’t expect AJ Green to scorch Revis Island like that. I do have Green on my fantasy squad so it wasn’t a total loss on the weekend, just lost one life. Now it’s time to be smarter, with one life left got to make to safe bet here.

Panthers over the 49ers is the clear cut pick this week in my league, and in most leagues I’m sure. Like I stated last week, I’d like to save the power teams. Yes, Panthers are still a power team even though they lost week 1 in a Super Bowl rematch.

Cardinals over the Buccaneers was also a leading and smart pick, but I’m going to save the Cardinals for their matchup against the Rams or 49ers. They will bounce back hot after that Week 1 loss and hopefully return to last season’s form.

My Pick = Ravens over Browns: Had to go safe bet here. Picking any team playing the Browns is a safe pick. Flacco likes throwing that long ball and now he has Mike Wallace, who’s no stranger to running those deep routes. Cleveland’s defense also ranked dead last last week, which adds confidence to this pick. I’m hoping that Justin Forsett, or whichever running back Baltimore relies on, will have a smooth sailing through the Browns’ rush defense like Ryan Mathews of the Eagles did last week.

There’s my Week 2 NFL Survivor League pick, Ravens over Browns.

PS: I am not claiming Joe Flacco is elite by picking the Ravens. This is simply a safe bet to stay alive in the league.

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