This is my first year doing an NFL Survivor League, so this all new to me. I’ve had some pretty good success in fantasy football and think some of the concepts can apply to this as well. I’m going to share with you my weekly picks for this survivor league for as long as I’m still “alive”.

Just like fantasy football, this is going to involve a lot of strategy. You can only pick each team once throughout the season. You have 2 lives until you are officially “dead”.

Since this is my first week, it took me quite a bit to make my decision. I thought for the first week I would save the power teams and save them for down the line. Power teams like the Seahawks, Cardinals, Panthers, and obviously the Patriots who I will be saving for sometime after Week 4.

In my league right now the leading pick was the Seahawks over the Dolphins, which is a very reasonable pick. A young QB in Ryan Tannenhill going up against the Legion of Boom and a newly married Russell Wilson, who should have no problem against Miami’s pass rush as Cameron Wake is still injured.

The other top pick was the Packers over the Jaguars. I didn’t like that pick. Yes, the Packers could be considered the better team there, but Aaron Rodgers didn’t have the best year last season and top target Jordy Nelson has yet to play since his ACL injury. Plus, I’m on the Blake Bortles bandwagon. Rode the second half of the fantasy season last year with him. This is a bold prediction but I could see the Jaguars upsetting the Packers in Week 1.

I started looking for favorable matchups and here is who I almost went with:

Texans over Bears: Almost took the Texans over the Bears because of Houston’s defense and Jay Cutler still under center for the Bears. The Bears struggle on both sides of the ball and let two key players in Matt Forte and Martellus Bennett walk away in free agency. Wouldn’t be a bad choice to pick the Bears’ opponent, but I still don’t trust Texans’ QB Brock Osweiler. He was ridiculously overpaid for a guy whose thrown only 11 touchdowns.

Eagles over Browns: A good strategy in this type of league would be to pick whoever plays the Cleveland Browns. That would be a safe bet. I almost chose the Eagles over the Browns, and then remembered the Eagles are from Philly. Need I say more? Eagles will most likely win but I don’t want to pick a team being led by a rookie QB in Week 1. Not to mention he’s coming off that preseason rib injury as well.

MY PICK= JETS OVER BENGALS: I know what you’re thinking, this is a risky pick. These two teams I consider to be on pretty equal playing ground. Both good defenses, above average QB’s, and the anticipated AJ Green vs. Darrelle Revis matchup. I chose the Jets because I think Ryan Fitzpatrick and his weapons through the air Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker will outlast the Bengals secondary. Cincinnati’s rush defense ranked 7th last season, but I think Matt Forte is going to be key in this game and will have a solid debut for his new team. As for AJ Green vs. Revis Island, I think AJ Green will win the matchup, but he’s the only threat Andy Dalton has right now with Tyler Eifert out.

That is my pick for Week 1 of Survivor League. Jets over Bengals.

Feel free to comment with your pick. Follow me on Twitter if you want to debate or talk about fantasy football/survivor league in general. @mgala16