So this happened. Some of you are probably laughing your asses off thinking this is one of the wildest, softest things you’ve ever heard, but this is no joke. I’ve been here. Kinda. Caleb Sturgis, you’re not alone, I’m with you.

Over one of my breaks freshmen year of college, my friends and I played some pick up basketball at the rec center as we usually do once a week. We ended up running 5s full court against a team we thought we could beat. These guys were easily 40 or close to it and looked like ex-cons. Wife beaters, tattoos, mean mugs. I don’t judge tho. Anyway, we thought a bunch of young 20-something year olds would run them out of the gym. Wrong. These guys had wheels and were actually killing us in transition. 

The one thing I hate in basketball is unnecessary “hot-dogging”. Just play the game, no need to get fancy, but their point guard felt otherwise. He’s on top of the key and decides to throw a one-handed no look pass through extreme traffic. All I saw was the motion of his arm swinging forward like he was Brett Favre or something and BOOM. Beams me directly in the forehead. The ball went all the way to the other end of the floor where one of my fat friends was still trying to get down the court. He took the ball in and of course missed the layup. How awesome of an assist would that have been? SportsCenter Top 10..or Not Top 10.

I was furious. 1. because I hate when people get fancy 2. I had 4 concussions up until this point so my head is very easily irritated even with soft contact. Imagine a basketball being directly beamed at you. I was gonna punch the guy I was so heated. This play resulted in my fifth concussion.

So yes, it is possible to get a concussion from a ball. All of you can read the news on Caleb Strugis and laugh but concussions are the real deal. And Kickers are people too, let’s not forget that.

Caleb, if you see this (you won’t, you’re not active on Twitter), you are not alone my friend. #IStandWithCaleb