I guess dad hats are now a trend. Newsflash, you’re late folks. I’ve been rocking them since ’08 so screw all of you. For once, I was ahead of the times. I’m always the last person to know things, so being ahead of this curve is a huge accomplishment for me.

I love and hate the dad hats trend at the same time. I love it because even more hats will come out for me to add to wardrobe. Hate it because I’m an OG of this move and now everyone’s going to be hopping on the bandwagon stealing my thunder. Nothing I hate more than bandwagoners. My white Nike dad hat is basically my signature and I dare you to try and take that away from me.

Just remember, I’m the original cool cat in a dad hat.. But I’m not a rapper

PS: You’re welcome to all the brands I plugged in this blog. You’ll probably never see this, but my DM’s are open for endorsement deals. @mgala16