Xavier University in Ohio just got America’s first Pizza ATM and it might go down as one of the greatest/smartest inventions of all time. The name of the company behind the Pizza ATM is Paline, and the machine has been in Europe for 14 years… 14 years. 14 years of business and NOW it’s coming to the U.S.??

What a missed opportunity that was, but better late then never right? I’m assuming the Pizza ATM at Xavier might be a test trial in the U.S., but what better place to try than a college campus? If I’m Paline, I’m trying to get these machines at as many universities as possible. Can you imagine how much money they would make?

As a college student myself, I know pizza is one of the go-to’s if you’re a lazy dude and don’t know how to cook. It’s also one of the highest rated drunk foods of all time. College is also stressful, which leads to eating, and if you’re stressed you’re not eating healthy. Laziness + Drunkenness + Stress = Pizza, AKA money in the bank.

Put a Pizza ATM on college campuses with a bunch of drunk kids and see how many of theme swipe their debit cards for a hot baked pie. It’s an absolute game changer. Our American society is so fast paced these days that if swiping a card and waiting just three minutes is going to get you a meal, it will catch on quick.

I’m really curious to see how this plays out at Xavier and can’t wait to see if other universities hop on the bandwagon. I’m honestly debating about visiting Xavier this year solely for this reason. The Pizza ATM might just be Ohio’s national treasure.