Jimmer Mania is heading overseas. Not the ideal situation, and I think Jimmer would agree, but this is the next stepping stone for him to hopefully find his way into the NBA for good. Fredette signed a 1yr/$1mil deal with the Shanghai Sharks, who are owned by Yao Ming.

The Sharks are one of the only teams in the CBA I have heard of, so they are at least a recognized team which will help. Personally, I think Jimmer should have tried to get on a EuroLeague roster. No disrespect to the CBA, but the EuroLeague is second to the NBA. The competition is so much better and it’s a great place to get noticed.

I definitely think scouts would keep tabs on him more if he were in the EuroLeague rather than the CBA. Anyone can score 40 points in China, look what Stephon Marbury has been able to do and what Micheal Beasley did before his NBA return. Jimmer is gonna straight up get buckets in this league, but it won’t help his cause. He’s basically going to be the varsity player scrimmaging the incoming freshman.

I also think the EuroLeague is a better market opportunity. I really think Jimmer could create a brand over in Europe. China is a great basketball market, but I think there’s more opportunities in Europe. I truly believe Jimmer could bring that Jimmer Mania fan base’s interest to the EuroLeague. If he entertained the idea of playing in the EuroLeague, he could potentially become an overseas superstar.