D-Fish is back in the news, and not for mackin on Matt Barnes’ ex-wife. The recently retired player and failed head coach of the Knicks is reportedly eyeing a return as …wait for it.. a player..?

This potential move makes no sense. There are guys who could play in the NBA in their 40s, but D-Fish isn’t one of them. The only thing he was good for was giving Kobe the ball.

I don’t know if this is a PR stunt or something to try and restore his image, because let’s be honest, right now we all know Derek Fisher as either a failed head coach or for sleeping with his teammates ex-wife. I don’t think averaging 0.0 points and 1 assist in 5 minutes is really going to restore your image.

Only reason I would support D-Fish coming back is to see him and Matt Barnes face off. That’s Christmas Day game worthy. There’s no way Barnes doesn’t get ejected. There’s plenty of unfinished business there. I mean you have to flagrantly foul a guy who posts a picture of your ex-wife and sons on Instagram for Mother’s Day right?

d fish form That form tho.