Well someone’s optimistic.. Colin Cowherd sure has confidence in this year’s Bulls squad. A lot of people are in doubt due to the fact that the current roster isn’t a shooting team. Fans of the team are even seriously questioning the additions of Rajon Rondo and Chicago’s own Dwyane Wade.

Here’s Cowherd’s take.

Competing with Indiana for the 2-seed? That’s a bold statement. I definitely think the Bulls will make the playoffs, but not the second seed. Yes, the Eastern Conference is hella week, but I doubt the Bulls can pull that off under softball Fred Hoiberg. I’m calling 6-seed finish, 5-seed at best.

Here’s how I think the East will finish:

Cowherd makes a good point, saying that the Bulls aren’t going to be playing the same style as most teams are nowadays. This might throw teams off as their defenses will be prepared for small ball shooting teams. This isn’t a shooting team though, they probably won’t be doing a lot of run-n-gun, but they’re going to be playing physical. This team is probably going to have to thrive off its defense.. So why is Thibs in Minnesota again?

I’m trying to stay hopeful. I’ll take a 6-seed finish. Maybe a playoff series win, maybe. I’m anxious to see how the 3 Alphas play together. More importantly, how they play under Hoiberg. At least one of them is going to gun for his job this season. As a Bulls fan right now all I can do is hope and pray.