Kevin Durant has wrapped up all his meetings in the Hamptons and his decision is to be made soon. Quickly, I will tell you why he should sign with the Boston Celtics.

If KD signs with the Celtics, then he’s in the Eastern Conference Finals vs. Lebron & the Cavs. We all know the Eastern Conference is the weaker of the two, which presents a wide open window for a Big 3 of KD/Horford/Thomas to crawl through. They instantly become a top threat in the East and are right up there to compete with the Cavs.

Brad Stevens is no scrub. He knows what he’s doing. It’s absurd that he didn’t win Coach of the Year this past season, but even more absurd that he came in 6th place for the voting. The guy brought an island of misfit toys to the playoffs two years in a row. Can you imagine the damage he could do with an All-Star Big 3? Banner 18 would look promising.

The Celtics also could potentially have the #1 pick in both 2017 & 2018. Thank you to the Nets. Which means the organization could add even more talent to be developed.

The future of the Celtics looks extremely bright, even if KD doesn’t sign with them. Boston has to be an intriguing option for him. The tradition speaks for itself. The idea of easily being able to compete for a title has to be considered by KD.