The first day of NBA free agency and the Bulls have talked to a possible replacement for Derrick Rose. Rajon Rondo reportedly met with the Bulls today in Chicago.

At this point, Rondo could be the best free agent the Bulls could potentially sign. We have an inept front office and soft head coach. We’ve traded the guy we tried building around and have had other vets leave us. There aren’t many advantages to signing with the Chicago Bulls right now, a team who missed the playoffs in a weak Eastern Conference.

Chicago might not be the most attractive destination for the max deal players right now, but for Rondo it just might be the spot. After the fallout in Dallas after being traded by Boston, Rondo needed to show he could still play. He did just that last season with the Kings, which I think was an All Star worthy season. I saw a lot of glimpses of the old Rondo from his Celtic days.

I also like the idea of him running next to Jimmy Butler because Rondo will only make Butler better. He’s going to set Jimmy up and give him looks. Rondo is a pass first point guard, which is something Rose wasn’t. Rose and Butler both demanded the ball which is why their games did not compliment each other, hence the plan to trade one of the two. Jimmy and Rondo would be a great backcourt that could mesh well together.