challenge teaMTV’s The Challenge will be returning for Season 29. Filming is set to take place in October. Not much else is known. It’s too early. Soon hopefully we will get word of availability calls going out to cast members.

I have a gut feeling that Season 29 is going to be Real World vs. AYTO. The idea has been teased the past two seasons. That’s not the theme I would be hoping for, but seems like production would go that route. The competition would be very lopsided.

I’d prefer Old School vs. New School. People want the real Vets back. Problem is trying to get enough of them back. There are a few that would probably return easily, like Mark for example. I think this theme would spike ratings. Think about it, bringing back the older Vets would make the older viewers want to tune in. You can target two generations of audience members.

Ideas for Season 29:

Real World vs. AYTO

Old School vs. New School

Cutthroat 2

Duel 3

Free Agents 2