Yes, you read that correctly. This is the same Anthony Bennett who right now is one of the biggest busts in NBA history. The number one overall pick from the 2013 Draft threw down an absolute monster jam today during Canada’s Olympic Qualifier vs. Italy.

I didn’t even know Bennett could get that high off the ground. He came out UNLV looking like a Pillsbury dough boy. To this day, I’m in complete shock he went No. 1 overall in that draft.

Bennett in 2013.

So I guess this is what he’s been up to these days. Playing for Team Canada, who is an excellent young team, trying to make some noise for a possible NBA comeback. After being traded to the Timberwolves during the Kevin Love trade, Bennett was released and signed with his native Toronto Raptors. He couldn’t even crack the rotation there and was sent down to their D-League affiliate. This just made the bust status even more legitimate.

After this dunk went viral, I decided to look to see what Bennett had been doing prior to this game and it turns out the dude has got into serious shape.

He definitely looks to be in basketball shape, and with the way he exploded for that poster, he looked like an actual athlete and not some guy from the Canadian Rec Center.

He’s gotta be ecstatic that he made that dunk. Regardless if he made it or not it would have gone viral because of his current bust status. But pulling off that dunk just put his name back on the grid. Great unintentional PR move. This dunk might have saved whatever career he has left.