Trust the Process. The Philadelphia 76ers have reportedly told Ben Simmons’ camp that they will select him with the number 1 overall pick in Thursday night’s draft. It’s a no brainier. He’s the best player in the draft. Check out my earlier blog on Simmons.

Simmons has the potential for a great NBA career due to his versatility. The guy can play all five positions on the floor. He has such an arsenal of skills that will transpire to the league. I like that Simmons plays to his strengths on the court. He’s got great size and strength which allows him to get to the rim, he can handle the ball, and he can pass.

The main thing Simmons needs to improve is his shooting. His jump shot is something that can use some work, but for those who were making such a big deal out of it, they need to chill. Let the kid play to his strengths. His jump shot will improve in due time. I’m sure he’s been working on it this entire pre-draft season.


In other Sixers news, Joel Embiid is now clear to participate in 5-on-5 scrimmages.. about damn time right? Not only have Sixers fans been waiting to see Embiid, I think anyone who loves the game has been waiting. Waiting to at least see if he’s a bust or not that is.

Embiid has yet to play in a single NBA game since being drafted 3rd overall in 2014. He’s had a plague of injury setbacks that have delayed his debut, while the basketball world was losing its patience. The Sixers didn’t lose theirs though. Embiid is just 22 years old and is still 7 feet tall. Since he’s been out with injury he’s also put on some significant muscle.

Coming along nicely #TrustTheProcess #shirleytemple

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I hope the Shirley Temples worked and Embiid will be on the floor for the Sixers opening night. We’ve all been waiting long enough to see whether or not he can actually play in the NBA. Sixers fans are probably holding their breath. They can’t handle a bust, they’ve dealt with too much.

So is it a good day to be a Sixers fan? I guess only time will tell.