I hadn’t heard of this Petr Cornelie guy until today when I saw that the Bulls were bringing him in for a workout. Cornelie is a 20 year old 6’11 power forward from France.

I immediately went on YouTube to see what highlights I could find of this guy, and I liked what I saw. Cornelie is a versatile player for his size. He can play in the low post as well as shoot from beyond the arc. Watching some of his highlights, he reminded me of a more athletic Dirk Nowitzki.

Even though I’m not a fan of the coach, Cornelie would definitely fit Fred Hoiberg’s system. At this point I don’t care who they get on the roster, as long as it’s someone who can make a difference. Cornelie could be an effective stretch 4 off the bench for the Bulls.

He could bulk up a little, and work on his defense, which is something the Bulls desperately need. There’s no denying that Cornelie has potential, his athleticism is very appealing. I can see him going late first round, early second. After pick #14 the Bulls don’t select again until #48. Depending on how the workout goes, they could consider trading up to earlier in the second round to try and draft Cornelie.