Last night as the Cavs were getting demoralized in Game 2 of the NBA finals, a Kickstarter campaign was launched for a potential JR Smith reality television show. The reality show would feature Smith, his family, bodyguard named “Boom”, and his brand Team Swish. More information on the show can be found here.

I don’t hate the idea. Smith might not be my first choice for an NBA reality show, but he’s definitely a great option. Obviously the controversy he’s dealt with during his career would be a subject point. The show would aim to present Smith as a misunderstood individual playing in the league.

Also, any person with the name “Boom” would do well on television, so I would be all for this show reaching its goal.

Here are some other NBA players I think could easily have reality shows.

Nick “Swaggy P” Young: Honestly, I’m surprised this hasn’t happened yet. If I somehow make it into television production in my professional life and Swaggy P doesn’t have a reality show, I would go all in on making it happen.

He’s one of the funniest guys in the league, and I don’t think its intentional. His commentary, reactions, celebrations, and social media activity is priceless at times. Swaggy P is TV gold, and I can’t be the only one who sees the potential here. I would binge watch Swaggy P and his entourage rolling around SoCal any day of the week. I would need to see the “shoe guards” he has as well.

Let’s not forget the fact he’s dating Iggy Azalea. Their relationship, along with both their careers, would be a great angle. Famous people shouldn’t date famous people. Something is bound to go wrong… D’Angelo *cough cough* Would make for great television though.


Kristaps Porzingis: I’ll be the first to admit Porzingis proved me wrong. I was certain he was going to be a bust. In fact, I would’ve given him ROY just for proving the world wrong. Coming to New York from Latvia at age 19 would be a great angle for a show. Documenting him coming from a foreign country to a city like New York is something that would draw in Knicks fans, as well as others.

Porzingis lives with his family, which is a rarity for professional athletes. Showing his family life and the decision to live with them rather then be on his own would show a different portrayal of a professional athlete. Typically young athletes like himself try to take on the world themselves and end up screwing up in some facet. Having a different take on the life of a professional athlete and emphasizing the importance of family is something I would tune into.

I would love to see Porzingis exploring around NYC and trying American things. Seeing him adjust to the American culture and his reactions to some of the stupid stuff we do would be great. I’d also like to see if he could go unrecognized in NYC, or if everyone knows the future of their basketball franchise.


Damian Lillard: Damian Lillard: Rising NBA star and rapper. A Lillard reality show could show present his passions both on and off the court. Lillard is a rising star and dominant player, who came from a mid major school in Weber State and is now heading to stardom.

He’s getting endorsement deals, commercials, and releasing some songs. Not only would a reality show help his own personal brand, but also the small market Portland Trailblazers’. Lillard already carries the Blazers on his back on the court, I’m sure he would be open to doing it off the court as well.

I would need to see Lillard’s brand growing and also some freestyles or studio time for this show to get my viewership.


Nate Robinson: Three-time slam dunk champion and small man Nate Robinson would also be a likely candidate for reality television. He stresses the idea of heart over height, and has even written a book on it. Documenting what it’s like to be considered “short” for an NBA player would bring in ratings in my opinion. There’s so many adversities to face in professional sports, and Robinson has proved he has what it takes.

Robinson also was not in the league this season, so the show could document him trying to get back to the NBA. He played this season in Israel, and has bounced around teams in the NBA. Showing him trying to make it back to the states and search for consistency would be good premise for a show.

I’m pretty sure one of his entourage members is hired to take pictures and videos of him. Nate is like the baller king of Instagram, he posts at least 4–5 times a day. Maybe even more. I know his videographer and him had web series for a bit on his YouTube account. Might as well try and present that for a potential reality show.