No disrespect to “The Logo”, but he’s dead wrong on this one. There is no way Steph Curry would be able to play in the physical era of the NBA. He would not have the success or hype surrounding him right now if he were playing in the late 80’s through the 90’s.

I would love to see Steph go up against the Bad Boy Pistons or even the Jordan era Bulls. He would get roughed up and they would get inside his head, and his production would deteriorate.

Sure, if he was playing at this time he still probably would be the league leader in three pointers, but teams back then emphasized hard defense, so they would challenge him. He would be face guarded on the perimeter and I’m sure some team would establish the “Curry Rules” to limit him.

Curry would not get the buckets he does in the lane back then. If he was gonna try and take the ball to the rim, there’s a 95% chance he would get fouled. Teams wouldn’t give up easy buckets like that or allow for his crazy, all luck floaters. He would definitely get banged up going to the hoop, and who knows maybe the ankle injuries would be relevant again.

The culture of the NBA is so different than it was from the physical era. I honestly can’t think of many players who would be able to play back then. The league is so soft these days, as are most of its superstars sadly.

The analogy that comes to mind is almost like white collar and blue collar kids growing up. Today’s league is like those rich suburban kids who have had everything handed to them their whole lives. Back the in the physical era was the grinders, the kids who had to work for everything they had, and weren’t afraid to get their hands dirty.

It could also be the social media era that is making the league soft. Players might be so concerned about their image and personal brands that they keep their appearance up. Basketball is a contact sport, the players from the 80’s and 90’s will be the first to tell you that. They didn’t have social media or the high value on branding themselves, they just played the game.