This year’s NBA finals is going to be tough for me to watch.  Typically when the finals come around I’ll lean in the direction of one of the teams, for the last 6 years whoever has been facing LeBron James, but this year I don’t want either team to win. I’m furious at the Oklahoma City Thunder right now. The Raptors I didn’t have much hope for. No disrespect to the 6 though.

Let’s be honest, Golden State didn’t win the Western Conference Finals. OKC LOST it. Just when we thought the Warriors we’re having one of the biggest choke acts in sports, the Thunder stole that from them. As a die hard Bulls fan, this finals is a lose-lose situation.

First, as a Bulls fan, I simply cannot stand seeing LeBron James win another championship. He’s broken our hearts several times during his playoff matchups with Chicago, to the point where he alone was our biggest rival in the league.

LeBron is one of the most talented players the game has ever seen and there is no taking that away from him. My dislike for LeBron comes from the way he carries himself on the court.  The guy complains after every single call if it doesn’t go his way. He flops, even if his own teammate is the one that makes contact with him. For someone who claims to be the greatest player in the world, his act on the court is unnecessary. Cut the BS, and play the game.

If you’re so great, there’s no need to complain when you don’t get a call. I mean the guy gets enough superstar calls as it is. It’s funny because I hate LeBron the basketball player, but respect LeBron James the human being. LeBron does a lot of the court and I respect the hell out of him for it. He’s really a good guy, just needs to change the way he handles himself during those 48 minutes.

Second, as we all know the Warriors broke the ’95-’96 Bulls 72-10 regular season record. Now the Warriors might have the new record, but just like Scottie’s shirt said, “Doesn’t Mean A Thing Without The Ring”. That statement could not be more true. If the Warriors didn’t win the finals then that record would be for nothing. That would totally disregard the “championship or bust” mentality they had all season.

I also can’t stand how the media has been giving the Warriors so much spotlight this season. It’s unreal. ESPN needs simmer down. No one likes them anymore, just ask all their big shot employees who left for FS1. ESPN just frames their coverage on the Warriors’ success. I remember watching the Warriors @ Spurs game back in March. Steph Curry had only 4 points in the first half and was playing like trash. ESPN swept that right under the rug. They couldn’t possibly ridicule their golden child.(pun intended.)

As you can tell, I’m pretty salty about a lot of things. Maybe it’s just the inept front office we have here in Chicago. Or maybe I just hate the world. You can decide for yourself. All I know is that I’m gonna be miserable watching who ever wins the crown this season.