*SPOILER ALERT* Do not continue reading unless you have seen the season 1 finale of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

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The not so immortal Vandal Savage was finally defeated, in three different time periods, in the season 1 finale of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. With the mission concluded, the team pondered whether or not they would continue being a part of Rip Hunter’s crew and protect the timeline.

Upon finding out that her sister Laurel was killed, Sara was tempted to stay and help Team Arrow defeat Damien Darhk to seek justice for her fallen sister. Her father, Captain Lance though convinced her that protecting timeline was important. Professor Stein also was not going to rejoin the Waverider, but his wife and Jax persuaded him to continue being a hero.

Kendra & Carter were the only two legends to depart from the team in the finale. Hawkwoman and Hawkman both decided that since their nemesis Savage was defeated, it was time for them to move on and finally live their lives now.

With Kendra, Carter, and Snart aka Captain Cold, who made the ultimate sacrifice in order to save the team, all gone, the team is going to need some more members. Producer Marc Guggenheim has said that there will be a rotating cast of characters for Legends. With that being said, here are some possible characters that could join the Waverider in season 2.

  1. Constantine: John Constantine made an appearance on Arrow season 4, helping the team restore Sara’s soul as she was resurrected from the Lazarus Pit. Constantine was cancelled and fans have been calling for the CW to pick up the show or have Constantine make more appearances in the Arrowverse. Legends could meet the fans’ requests and have him on board for season 2.
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2. Connor Hawke: AKA John Diggle Jr., made an appearance in season 1 when the team visited a rundown Star City in the future. Hawke was dressed as the Green Arrow trying to contain the destruction of the city. The team rescued him from being executed by Deathstroke’s son.

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3. Jonah Hex: Jonah Hex was also featured in season 1, and is a friend of Captain Hunter’s. I loved Johnathon Schaech as Hex, and the show wants him back for season 2. That could be just another episode, but how awesome would it be if he joined the team? I like the idea of the Wild West meeting the future.

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4. Roy Harper, Arsenal: Colton Haynes left Arrow in season 3 due to mental health concerns, which he recently addressed. He came back for an episode in season 4 and is supposedly supposed to be back making another appearance in season 5. Joining the Legends would allow him to stay hidden because he did fake his death in Arrow. I’m also all for a mini Team Arrow reunion between him and Sara.

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5. Nyssa Al Ghul: This one is kind of a long shot, but hear me out. Nyssa has been recurring on Arrow since the show’s second season, and has been a great character in my opinion. With the League of Assassins disbanded and Laurel now gone, there’s no point for her to be on Arrow anymore. She could join her significant other Sara on the Waverider and would be able to make the tough calls on the team.

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