Last night’s NBA Draft Lottery didn’t really leave anyone surprised after Dikembe Mutumbo ruined it for all of us. The guy didn’t even give us a spoiler alert, just blamed it on his excitement. What a weirdo. This got the conspiracy theories rolling, which I’m 100% for. I live for conspiracy theories. The NBA Draft Lottery is one of the biggest conspiracies on the table.

Celtics fans sure think the system is rigged now, after the teams with the two worst records end up with the top 2 picks. It was all chalk. Boston ended up with the 3rd overall pick in next month’s draft which is absolutely awful. The 3rd pick is basically No Man’s Land. Looks like Isaiah Thomas’ Lucky Charms didn’t work.

By #3, Simmons and Ingram will already be gone. There’s no doubt Simmons is going first overall to the Sixers, and the Lakers are big on Brandon Ingram. There go the two top players in the draft, and the two with the star potential.

Not only are the Celtics not going to land a potential star, but they are also limited in trading that pick now. No one is going to jump on that for the sole fact that Simmons and Ingram will be off the board. That pick is not going to be able to bring Jimmy Butler or DeMarcus Cousins to Boston. If the front office was going to try and make a deal for a star player, they would likely need to add in players or additional picks.

The Celtics do have 8 picks in this draft, but the draft class has very minimal immediate impact players. If teams are looking to develop younger guys for their system or wanna draft-and-stash, they could look to swing something with the C’s.

Personally, I think the Celtics will try and trade the #3 pick, and they should. Danny Ainge is a man with a plan. He’s cooking something up. Hopefully he’s got some more tricks up his sleeve.

What happens if the Celtics keep the pick?

If they decide to keep the pick and draft a player, I gotta think they would look to take Buddy Hield. I think Buddy Hield is a Top 5 pick in the draft but “experts” will disagree because the draft is based on potential these days and not already existing talent. Hield doesn’t need much development, he’s already an established player. The 4 years at Oklahoma built his game, gotta show some love for the seniors. Unfortunately, that will get overlooked as teams want players they can develop. Hield’s shooting and scoring ability are probably what is most intriguing about him, and it’s definitely something the Celtics need ASAP.

Dragan Bender, from EuroLeague powerhouse Maccabi Tel Aviv, is who scouts thought would originally go number 3, but I doubt the Celtics would take a chance on him. He’s versatile and a great passer for being 7’1″. He can run the break getting rebounds and pushing in transition, which is rare for his size. He’s a low post presence, which is also something the Celtics need, but he’s a defensive project.

I think the Celtics would rather have someone who could step in right away and make an impact, and Buddy Hield is one of the few immediate impact players in this draft. I think you draft the immediate help, especially if you want to get past the first round of playoffs, which Boston couldn’t do the past two seasons.