Guess who’s back…back again.. Jason “White Chocolate” Williams will be playing at The Basketball Tournament this summer! Absolutely love it! White Chocolate has been out of the league since 2011 but he hasn’t been absent from the hoop scene.

These days you can find him at the Orlando Pro-Am breaking ankles and dropping dimes. Not much has changed, the guy still has it at age 40. He will be suiting up for Pedro’s Posse, who is not yet eligible, but with the news on White Chocolate joining the roster, I’m sure votes will be thrown their way.

Pedro’s Posse will be playing in the Midwest Region which means I will get to see White Chocolate live in action in Chicago if they get enough votes! The excitement level is unreal. White Chocolate is one of the most electric players the game has ever seen, the second coming of Pistol Pete. He’s always someone I looked up too while growing up playing the game. I’m probably gonna go total fan boy at TBT this summer, but I don’t care! Time to break out the good ole #55 Kings jersey!

Here are Jason William’s Pro-Am highlights from ages 38, 39, and 40 from an earlier blog of mine. All shot by Ryan Currie