What A Time To Be Alive! Legendary coach Bobby Knight is set to join Donald Trump at his rally in Indianapolis this week. Knight of course is an Indiana legend, so this combats Cruz & Kasich’s collusion attempt against Trump from getting delegates.

This is one of the biggest power moves in history, easily top 10, maybe even top 5. A Hoosier gave birth to me, I have an entire side of my family from the state of Indiana, so I know first hand how big of a deal this is. Bobby Knight is a god amongst men Indiana, he brought the state 3 National Championships.

Cruz and Kasich have no chance, absolute zero. If Trump for some reason does not win Indiana, then I will be in complete and utter shock. Basketball is everything in the state in Indiana, it’s right up there in importance as going to church on Sundays. Game over, just give Trump the W already. The other candidates shouldn’t even bother traveling to the Hoosier State.

I’ll be honest, I went full fanboy for a solid 8 minutes after I saw this news. I’ve been a Trump guy since the jump, and adding Bobby Knight into the equation made me nearly lose my mind of excitement. A move like this shows Trump means business (pun intended). Power moves only.