Tonight The Walking Dead’s sixth season will conclude in a 90-minute finale episode. There’s a lot of things to be wrapped up, and hopefully we get closure for all of them tonight.

The most anticipated event will finally be the arrival of Negan. His name has been dropped over the span of the second half of this season, but now we will finally see Jeffrey Dean Morgan assume the role of the brutal villain. Negan’s introduction to the series is not going to be a pleasant one, as Rick and the group have taken out a large number of his men.

Someone will meet Negan’s wrath tonight, and I think the most likely candidates are Glenn, Daryl, or Abraham. Here are the cases for each of the listed three.

Glenn: Anyone who has read the comics knows that when Negan is introduced he kills Glenn. Glenn has had so many near death experiences over the entire series, but this might be one he will not escape. The Walking Dead television show has been known to not follow the comics on certain aspects, but for this one I do not think they can ignore it. Glenn is a beloved member of the group and him meeting Negan’s bat Lucille will have a tremendous impact on everyone from Alexandria. Not to mention he is expecting a child with wife Maggie, which doesn’t help his case at all.

Personally, I think Glenn’s story is over. It’s been six seasons and he cannot kill, which is exactly what the “new world” requires. Take a look back at the series, the moral ones don’t end up making it. The show has stayed true to some of the significant deaths in the comics, like Shane and Hershel (of sorts). Robert Kirkman has said the more significant the character, then the more significant their death should be. Glenn falls right into this statement. I am expecting Glenn to fall short of season seven.


Daryl: Last week Daryl was shot by Dwight, but it looks as if the shot was not fatal, hitting Daryl in the right shoulder. There has always been rumblings on social media that if Daryl dies, then fans will riot. Norman Reedus’ character has quite the fan base, so I’m not sure if the show will risk making that type of move. They want to stay loyal to their fans.

Speaking of loyalty, that’s the best way to describe Daryl. I can easily see Daryl sacrificing himself to Negan to save another group member. I do not think it will be Daryl’s final episode tonight. I feel as if there is still so much we don’t know about Daryl Dixon. Daryl has always tried to help people, but now realizes what the “new world” entails.

If Daryl were to survive, I think we would see a vengeful version of him, which would make a good story line in season 7. The Alexandrians will be furious at Negan for brutally taking the life of one of their own. I also think the Daryl/Dwight rivalry is just starting and I want to see more of it.


Abraham: Abraham’s death in the comics was given to Denise this season, which means the writers could be taking a different approach with him. He very well could be killed by Negan in the finale. Over the second half of this season Abraham’s story has really began to develop, with the whole love triangle with Rosita and Sasha. Fans of The Walking Dead know that when a character starts getting developed it means they’re likely to go soon.

Hopefully that’s not the case for Abraham. Abraham has had a close relationship with Glenn, and if Glenn were to die, this could lead to a angry Abraham which would again be a good story line for season seven.


I think the show will stay true to the comics, and give Glenn his iconic death scene. Glenn meeting his death would have the most significant impact on the group, tempting a huge revenge plot which would be a large part of season seven. Negan is not going anywhere soon, so whatever decision he makes will carry on for awhile.