Yesterday I went to see Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, the movie that would set the stage for the new DC Cinematic Universe. I wasn’t expecting much when the movie was announced or going into it, even though I am a DC comics fan. I knew that Zak Snyder & production were going to overdo it for the simple fact that they wanted to compete with all these Marvel movies.

I’ll take DC over Marvel any day of the week and twice on Sunday’s, but they have been killing it in the movie game. DC is just starting their cinematic universe, so it would be presumable that they would try and make a big splash. Did they? In terms of the box office, yes, numbers never lie. Personally, I don’t think so. There were several aspects of the movie I liked and some I disliked.

The Dislikes:

First off, the movie was 151 minutes. I took my 81 year old grandfather with me and I’m surprised he didn’t fall asleep. I’m sure he wanted to, I wanted to at times. I guess it was pretty loud in the theater. Anyway, the movie took way too long to buildup the match-up between Batman and Superman. It was so predictable that the two heroes would then buddy-up after the whole Martha namedrop.

There were too many Lois & Clark romantic scenes. Didn’t need that many whatsoever. Seriously how many times is Superman going to drop everything and rush to save Lois? I thought those scenes were irrelevant for this movie’s “story-line”. I put the word story-line in quotes because I honestly didn’t see a consistent story-line within the movie. If the movie was intended to set up the Justice League it didn’t need to be that long, or have different plot branches. Save the Lois & Clark moments for Superman’s individual films.

Jessie Eisenberg as Lex Luthor was a disaster. I don’t have much else to say about that. Easily one of the worst casting decisions I’ve ever seen.

The Likes:

I was very hesitant when Ben Affleck was announced to be the new Batman. I loved Christian Bale was the Dark Knight, so wasn’t very welcoming of Affleck. He proved me wrong. He did an exceptional job at playing a veteran, traumatized Batman/Bruce Wayne.

If you’re a DC Comics fan you might have seen a possible Flashpoint scene. It occurred during Wayne’s nightmare while in the Batcave waiting to crack Luthor’s computer. I sure hope that was a Flashpoint teaser. I need DC to make a Flashpoint movie. In Wayne’s nightmare the figure there could have been the Flash, he was surrounded by lightning. Also in the nightmare, Batman is seen using guns while fighting, which would correlate with Flashpoint’s Batman, AKA Thomas Wayne.

I think Wonder Woman was the best part of the movie. Gal Gadot did great, and her character was one of the keys to the movie. She had the perfect part. She didn’t steal the spotlight, had a brief background sharing, and was key in the Doomsday fight. The movie didn’t branch of into her story-line, simply set her up for her own film and the forming of the Justice League.

I liked the Doomsday fight, just wish it came sooner. The movie could have been a lot shorter. Only critique about using Doomsday here was I feel they could have had an entire movie with him as the antagonist. Instead it was a thirty minute sequence but the movie was largely based on Kryptonian nature so I guess it was the most relevant route they could take.

Overall, I feel like people would only tolerate this movie if they were fans of these DC characters. I’ve told non-comic fans to not even bother. As a DC fan, I can appreciate what was attempted here, but it was overdone. I hope the rest of the upcoming DC movies don’t try to emulate what Marvel has been doing, but I don’t want to get my hopes up.

I honestly think ties need to be cut with Zak Snyder. Batman vs. Superman could have been so much better than what it was. I hope this doesn’t set the stage for DC in the movie game because that would be a significant let down for a true fan of the comics.

PS: How many people thought Aquaman was going to save Lois when she was trapped underwater trying to get the kryptonite spear??