Ben Simmons has officially declared for the NBA draft. Shocker right? In my eyes he’s the clear cut number one pick for the 2016 draft this summer, but for some reason people are speculating otherwise.

First things first, Ben Simmons is still going number one. People can keep talking about how LSU didn’t have the best season at 19-14 (11-7 in SEC play) or how they didn’t have any tournament play this year, but quite frankly that doesn’t effect Simmons’ draft position. 

People are also getting on Ben Simmons for his lack of a killer mentality or passing up jump shots. The killer mentality is something he can grow into. Jeff Goodman said it best this morning, talking about how losing is something new to Simmons. This past season at LSU can shape him, it’s a learning experience. Like Goodman pointed out, he’s gonna lose in the NBA considering the Sixers will likely take him first overall. Becoming a team leader and demanding the ball is something he will develop. After all, the NBA draft is based on development these days rather than existing talent.Edit

When it comes to Simmons’ jump shot, are people really that concerned about it? Magic Johnson didn’t have the best jumper and look at what he was able to do. I’m not saying that Simmons is the next Magic, but the two have very similar skill sets. Long, versatile, quick athletes that can play all five positions on the court. 

Simmons plays to his strengths, just like Magic did. He uses his size and strength to get to the rim, that’s why he passes up jumpers. He’s going to use skill set to get the most effective basket for himself. I see nothing wrong with playing to your strengths. Those with a high basketball IQ know the sport is a game of strategy. 

With Simmons set to hire an agent, I’ve heard that he’s likely to sign with Klutch Sports Group, who rep Lebron James. Fitting considering Simmons has been referred to as the best prospect since Lebron. Simmons is a future star in the league, and if he’s going to follow in Lebron’s footsteps by first signing with his agency, then get ready for Nike to put a huge offer down on the table. 

Simmons will have his share of shoe offers to choose from, but Nike may be the favorite. One, LSU is a Nike team so look for Simmons to stay in the Nike family, and two if he does indeed sign with the agency that reps Lebron they obviously have a strong tie with Nike, and who’s in Lebron’s entourage? A couple big dogs from Nike. 

Ben Simmons is going to be a superstar in this league. The negative speculation can continue all it wants, but it won’t do much. Simmons is still going number one.