Still cannot believe what I saw.  Steph Curry casually pulling up from 38 feet to sink a game winner in OT.  No biggie.  The guy has literally become a verb, “Steph Gonna Steph.”  Just unreal.  Not sure how many times I tweeted “Been Steph Curry with the shot boy” tonight. Probably 12 times since that’s how many threes he hit.  At this point, I’m convinced Steph has a better chance at making a contested three than a wide open layup.

What a great game between the Warriors and Thunder though.  This was playoff basketball in February, #Blessed.  And we got five free minutes of basketball, #EvenMoreBlessed.  Get a load of this, Curry dropped 46pts, Klay Thompson with 32pts, Kevin Durant leading OKC with 37pts, and Russ Westbrook adding 26pts.  Hands down, one of the most exciting basketball games I’ve ever watched.  Could this possibly be a sneak peek at the Western Conference Finals?  I wouldn’t doubt it.

The Warriors straight up showed they the toughest team to beat.  Their record speaks for itself, but to come back from a double digit deficit and send the game into OT and close it the way they did.. Unbelievable.   The Church of Curry is alive and well, wonder if Oscar Robertson has converted yet..

The Warriors added another W to their run a history, but the Thunder proved they can run with the best.  Earlier in the season, I said the San Antonio Spurs were the only team that could possibly beat Golden State in a seven game series.  I am now retracting that statement.  The Warriors ran the Spurs out of the building last time they played.  If any team has a shot at beating the Warriors in the playoffs it is most definitely the OKC Thunder.

Before the season, I predicted Anthony Davis to win MVP. I am also retracting that statement, one because AD isn’t having the stellar season we all thought he would, and two because Steph Curry is the Human Torch.  Here’s a real question to think about, can Curry win both MVP and Most Improved?  It’s shocking how much better he is this year compared to his MVP season last year.  The ceiling for Steph keeps getting higher and he does not disappoint.  He’s playing at a level of basketball I didn’t even know existed.  I would say yes, he is definitley deserving of both awards.  Will it happen? I guess we will see at the end of the season.  I’m not the only one thinking about it.

It didn’t take long for Steph’s game winner to go viral and the Twittersphere to erupt.  I honestly think his “shot heard ’round the world” might have broken the internet.  He received praise from around the league, including Demar Derozen, David Lee, and Lebron James.  Magic Johnson also went on one of his infamous “Captain Obvious” Twitter sprees.

My last seven tweets revolve around Steph Curry.  I’m falling into the one-sided coverage of the Warriors that the media has been fixated on, but sorry not sorry.  Cut me some slack just for tonight because it’s not everyday you see magic happen with your own very eyes.

Vine from SportsCenter