Official Press Release From Marky Mark Enterprises:  Marky Mark Returning to Vine 

It’s been three years since I last graced your iPhone screen with a six second video loop.  Father time has been great, but these last 1,095 days there hasn’t been a moment where I missed the game.  We live in a world where social media dominates our society, and I was fortunate enough to contribute to people of this wonderful planet.

I had brief fame.  I’m just a washed up social media pracitcioner with a Vine video that has 1.4k revines. Yes, I’m a one hit wonder with a video that doesn’t even feature myself, but I did create it.  Haters gonna hate, but that’s my intellectual property so suck it, all credit goes to me.

Social media platforms come and go just like NFL running backs.  They can have a long run at success or brief stint in the league.  Vine has been an average RB, like a Chris Johnson.  A breakout year and then steady decline, until this year.  The app is losing its appeal and it needs a hero to revive it.  This being said, I’m officially returning to making Vine videos.  I’m willing to put the team, aka the world, on my back and give this another go.  Everyone deserves a second chance, and this is mine.

I’m dedicating myself to bringing you the people the best quality content you can find in six seconds or less.  I’m not looking for praise or fans, I’m doing this for the love of the game.  It’s in my blood.  Everything I do is for the team. By summer 2016, Vine will be restored in the power rankings and I promise to you that I will work countless hours to provide you guys with classic, throwback Marky Mark material.

This is all for you people, so accept it.  I’m coming back.  Not all heroes wear capes.  Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose.

~ Marky Mark, @mgala16

PS: My bio on Vine is “Your Moms Favorite White Boy” … I think I’m gonna stick with that. Possibly might make it a t-shirt, more money for me… Uhyuuu.