So I had a stressful few days with school this week. Tonight my rough week finally ended. No more tests, no more assignments, one more class separating me from the weekend, and of course recording the Day 1 Podcast with my boys. I definitely needed a pick me up after these last couple days so I would like to thank the LA Clippers.

The Clippers tweeted out a photo of Blake Griffin and and equipment manager Matias Testi, the staff member Griffin got in a physical altercation with not too long ago, shaking hands. Along with this photo they added #Family… And this is where my week was made.

After this tweet went out #Family started trending and the Twitter sphere started producing some of the funniest tweets I had seen in awhile. People were simply tweeting pictures of people who hated each other. There was a lot of Lebron and Delonte West and Carmelo and KG. Others just posted old pictures of people they now hate or typically get in fights with.

Of course I hopped on the bandwagon and tweeted a selfie with a kid I use to work with. Long story short, we engaged in a one-sided prank war. I absolutely dominated this kid. That’s what he gets for talking smack about me. Kid didn’t even have a chance if he wanted to retaliate. I own his soul.

I passed the #Family message along to my friends who also thought it was hilarious. One of my boys pulled one the most savage moves I’ve ever seen in social media history. I’m not going into detail. I’m still dead from it lmao.

A rough week took a complete 180 turn tonight, so thank you LA Clippers. #Family