I’m not buying Calvin Johnson’s sudden “retirement”. Although he hasn’t announced it himself, the statement came from Lions coach Jim Caldwell via Adam Schefter.

 I think Megatron is going to pull a a Carson Palmer move. Say he’s “retired”, sit out a year, and then see if a team will trade for his then two-year deal. If a playoff contending team ends up trading for his contract, I can see Johnson coming back to play.

If he’s keen on retiring though, he should be set financially. He’s earned over $110mil in his playing career and also has endorsement deals with Nike and Eastbay. 

I find this news to be surprising. Heading into the NFL trade deadline there were rumors that the Lions might move Johnson to a Super Bowl contending team, but obviously he stayed put in Detroit and they missed out on the playoffs. He’s only 30 years old having played 9 years, which seems kind of short for a 6x Pro Bowler. For all we know Johnson could be the next player in line to call it a career due to risk of head injuries and CTE. 

We won’t know for sure until Johnson announces his decision himself.