The NBA All Star reserve selections were revealed today.  A number of worthy players will be heading to Toronto for the All Star weekend festivities, but there’s also several deserving players who will be watching on their couches.  It wouldn’t be an NBA season without the snubs. Here is my “All Snub” Team for 2016.

Guard- Rajon Rondo (SAC): When Rondo signed a one year deal with the Kings in the off season, his intention was to show that he can still play at the level he did in Boston.  Obviously, his brief stint in Dallas was a disaster so the one year deal was mutually beneficial for both camps. Rondo has undoubtedly proven he still has it.  He currently is tied in second for most triple doubles with 5 and seems to be meshing in Sacramento. The Kings just might be able to sneak into the playoffs thanks to Rondo and Boogie Cousins. Is Rondo in the long term plans for the Kings? Who knows, but you can’t deny he’s having an All Star season.

Guard- Damian Lillard (POR): Familiar territory for Lillard, he went through this last year as well.  He should be at the top for injury replacements, but this man deserves to be there.  This season he’s averaging 24.3 points and 7.1 assists, while carrying..literally carrying.. the Trailblazers on his back.  With Lamarcus Aldridge gone this is fully Lillard’s team and he’s been putting the team on his back.

Forward- Dirk Nowitzki (DAL): At age 37, Dirk is producing quite well for the Mavericks.  He’s averaging 17.6 points per game, and just had a classic Dirk game-winner over the Lakers the other day.  The Mavericks had a lot of hype this season due to their off season acquisitions, and although at sixth place in the West right now, they haven’t played up to their full potential.  Chandler Parsons and Wes Matthews are not playing like max deal players.  Dirk is picking up the slack and producing for the team, showing some agelessness.

Forward- Pau Gasol (CHI): Another ageless big man, Gasol being snubbed irritates me as a Bulls fan.  He is probably the most consistent player on the Bulls roster.  At age 35 he is averaging 16.6 points per game and 10.9 rebounds per game. Gasol was 360 votes shy of being a starter, and yet he does not even get a reserve selection.  I hate the fan vote.  The process needs a change.

Center- Marc Gasol (MEM): The other Gasol was also snubbed for this year’s All Star Game. He’s the leading scorer of the 5th place Grizzlies and probably the key to their team.  It’s unfortunate that the center is a dying position because Gasol deserves to be in Toronto. His averages are 16.7 ppg, 7.2 rpg, and 1.3 bpg.