I was at work yesterday so I didn’t find out about the Cleveland Cavaliers firing David Blatt until later.  Can’t say I’m surprised though. Blatt was probably the most inept head coach in the league, key word “head” coach.  I’m not taking any credit away from Blatt who obviously knows the game and had tremendous success over in Europe, his accomplishments simply did not translate over to the NBA.  It’s not his fault he had to deal with Lebron James.

Obviously Blatt was not the best option for the Cavs head coaching position at the time, but I’ve never seen a player disrespect a coach as much as LBJ disrespected Blatt. Lebron continuously ignored play calls from Blatt, even in the playoffs and finals. Reports say that several Cavs players weren’t happy with Blatt, but I think they were following Lebron.  Let’s be honest, Lebron was running that team in last years post-season, we all saw it.  I truly feel bad for Blatt, he wasn’t in the right situation in Cleveland.

Tyronn Lue now steps up to become to head coach and from what I have heard, the players respect Lue a lot more than they did Blatt.  Most of the players went to Lue before Blatt anyway.  Lue was a candidate for the head coach position before they hired Blatt even though players were pushing for Lue.  For those of you not familiar with Lue, he is infamous for the picture below.

The Cavaliers have asserted that Lebron was not consulted on the decision to fire Blatt, which I think is a load of BS.  Lebron was consulted on the trades that brought Shumpert, JR Smith, and Mozgov to the Cavs, as well as during free agency in regards to Tristian Thompson and Kevin Love. Lebron obviously had a say in this.  Almost immediatley after the news of Blatt’s firing broke, reports were saying that Lebron’s camp were pushing for the Cavs to hire Mark Jackson.  It’s apparent that Lebron is running this organization.

I don’t think this is the end for David Blatt in the NBA, just not as a head coach.  Originally, Blatt was supposed to be Steve Kerr’s head assistant in Golden State before he was offered the Cavs job.  With Luke Walton being a must hire head coach candidate after this season, I can see Kerr bringing Blatt on to his staff.  Another option for Blatt is to be an assistant to Tom Thibodeau.  Thibs is spending this season on his couch making $6mil I believe, but there’s speculation that he would be a head coach candidate this upcoming offseason.  I can see Thibs and Blatt teaming up to form a coalition to beat Lebron, how awesome would that be? Two coaches that Lebron caused to get fired on one bench.

It’s Tyronn Lue’s show now.  He comes in mid-season with the Cavs sitting in first place of the Eastern Conference. I can’t wait for the meme’s of the photo below to go viral.

iverson over lue
Tyronn Lue is basically only known for getting crossed over by Iverson in the ’01 Finals.