The Brooklyn Nets recently dismissed head coach Lionel Hollins and reassigned GM Billy King.  The Nets right now are 10-27, the second worse team in the East, and simply appear to have no fluidity.  I’m sure the Celtics’ Danny Ainge is loving this, considering Boston keeps winning the major trade deal a few years back that included NBA champs Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett.  The Celtics own the Nets’ first round draft pick this year and with how Brooklyn’s season is looking right now, the Celtics have secured themselves a top 5 pick in a pretty talented draft class in my opinion.

Almost immediately after the Nets shook things up within their organization, the speculation of them going after Kentucky coach, and former Nets coach (1996-1999), John Calipari emerged.  Cal has said several times before he has no intention to leave Kentucky and believes he has one of the best jobs in sports, he even restated this on Twitter this morning.

Despite Cal shutting down the rumors, reportedly he has provided an asking price to return to the NBA at 10yrs/$120mil.. talk about a hefty price. Is Cal worth it? If you’re a mess like the Nets, the answer is yes.

Obviously Calipari’s previous stint with the Nets was a failed experiment when they hired him out of UMass, but this time I think Cal is the only hope for the Nets if they want to turn the tables ASAP.  The Nets should go balls out and try and hire Cal as their coach/GM.

Cal is probably the only candidate who can provide an immediate impact due to his recruiting skills.  He’s one hell of a college recruiter, just look at some of the guys he brought to Kentucky.  I think this could transpire over to the NBA during the free agency period.  Right now, no NBA player in their right mind would sign with the Brooklyn Nets. Hire John Calipari and that might change. Who wouldn’t want to play for a guy like Calipari?  He’s an attractive coach for players.  If the Nets were to get Cal I think he would go full throttle on recruiting and try and bring some solid players to Brooklyn.  One would assume he would start with former UK players.

Would former Wildcats go to a struggling franchise to play for their old college coach? You bet they would.  Cal is one of the most respected college coaches and has great relationships with his players, current and former.  If Coach Cal to the Nets were to happen, we could see a large Big Blue Nation presence in Brooklyn.