I think the Bulls might finally be reaching crisis mode.  In other news, Thibs is smiling and laughing at the franchise from his couch.  The Bulls lost last night to the now 8-20 Brooklyn Nets 105-102. Just pitiful. The Nets are one of the worst teams in the league and became another team to simply expose the Bulls lackluster defense.  This loss comes a day after Jimmy Butler spoke out about Coach Fred Hoiberg not being hard enough on the team.  This is the NBA, Hoiberg needs to coach these guys and get on them, this league isn’t for softies.  Still not impressed with Hoiberg thus far, simply because the Bulls’ defense is nonexistent. Of course his buddy Gar Forman decided to give him a 5 year deal too.  The front office is inept in Chicago. Well here we go,

1.Derrick Rose started the game out well but ended up only scoring 8 points, shooting 3 for 11 from the field. The MVP haircut did not work last night.  Rose is obviously having consistency issues this year, and it makes me wonder whether or not the D-Rose era in Chicago is coming to an end.  He’s not fitting well in this offensive pace, but then again the roster isn’t even fitting well into this offense.  We’ve only seen a limited flashes of the old Derrick Rose this season which leaves us doubtful he may return to to his once premier status.

2. The Bulls started the game hot from downtown, but that did not last long as they went 9 for 26 from 3, 35% shooting.  26 threes a slight decrease from what they usually launch, but once again the excessive amount of three point attempts comes back to haunt them.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the Bulls need desperatly need Mike Dunleavy back.  They need a consistent shooter who can spot up and make these open shots.  Once Dunleavy does return, it’ll be interesting to see how he fits in the offense.  Doug McDermott seems to decently fit in the role, but Dunleavy is the better, more consistent shooter.  We will just have to wait and see. dunleavy xmas sweater

3. The Bulls ran the fast break pretty well, they were able to get out in transition and run the the floor.  16 fast break points compared the Brooklyn’s 6. Then again, should not be too impressed by that, after all, they were playing the Nets.

4. Defense, Defense, Defense. Clear enough?

5. The #FreeBobbyPortis movement has finally got the green light.  After his coming out party against the Knicks, scoring 23 points and grabbing 11 boards, Hoiberg acknowledged that they need to find some playing time for him.  Last night we saw Portis get into the game early, and he did pretty well.  Portis is an athletic big, who can run the floor, and woud be expected to fit into Hoiberg’s offense well, that’s why drafting him when he was still on the board was a no brainier.  The rookie could possibly be getting consistent minutes in the rotation, especially with Mirotic struggling and Noah now out for two weeks with a shoulder injury. If the Bulls are really devoted to letting Portis play, I think it’s time they ship out Taj Gibson before the trade deadline.

Unless the Bulls can bounce back, I think they have hit defcon 1.  The roster and the coach are not doing what they were expected to do.  The Bulls had a lot of expectations this year, and with Rose’s time in Chicago possibly coming to an end and Pau Gasol’s age, this was the year to make a championship run.  At this time, that is highly unlikely.  Gar Forman and Jerry Reinsdorf have created an absolute mess.

defcon 1