Quick appreciation blog for the Boston Celtics. So far this season, the Celtics have beaten the Wizards twice, Thunder, Rockets, and now the Heat. All playoff contender teams. Don’t sleep on the Celtics. They made the playoffs last season and have a good chance to make it this year as well. Get this, there’s a possibility they can make the playoffs and still get the number one draft pick if the Nets keep up their losing ways. Remember the KG and Paul Pierce trade to Brooklyn, yeah Celtics have their 1st round draft pick this year. 

The Celtics still need to play consistently and improve their three point shooting. I think they should try and make a move to trade for a spot up three point shooter. Danny Ainge is the man when it comes to making deals so I’m sure he has some tricks up his sleeve. If the Celtics can start playing effectively on a nightly basis and acquire a solid three point threat I think they can do some more damage in a weaker eastern conference. 

Also, if this island of misfit toys makes the playoffs for the second consecutive year, then Brad Stevens should get consideration for Coach of the Year. He was my preseason pick for the award and I’m sticking with it. Glad he has Isaiah Thomas in the starting lineup now. You need your best player to start.  

 Don’t sleep on the C’s.