Here is a break down of the teams for MTV’s The Challenge Rivals 3 which is currently filming in Huatulco, Mexico. The cast consists of 13 coed rival pairings ranging from challenge vets to bloodlines to AYTO rookies. To be honest, BMP could have done a much better job with the cast.  There are so many real rivalries that have lasted for several seasons. But were stuck with what they give us. Lets get into it.

Bananas and SarahOnce longtime Allies, Bananas and Sarah were working together on Battle of the Exes 2 before Bananas was eliminated and after he returned from Ex-ile.  Sarah had one the final challenge and double crossed her once “friend” and sent Bananas into the final elimination where he lost, therefore not making the final.  Sarah went on to win the final for her first challenge championship.  At reunions and after shows, Sarah continuously tried to justify her betrayal, but Bananas wasn’t having it, dubbing Sarah a traitor and coward. Sarah supposedly retired after Exes 2 but I’m sure she was informed of the theme and partner so she figured why not try and get a second W in three seasons. Obviously, these two have to be one of the clear cut favorites to win.  Bananas is the champ and Sarah is a smart player, I’m sure they will win several challenges and have a strong alliance to remain a powerful team in the game.

Dario and Nicole:  These two have only done Bloodlines together so we will have to see what happens when that season starts.  They probably just got into a verbal argument and they are passing that off as a rivalry.

Wes and Nany: This is kind of a stretch rivalry in way.  I feel the Nany and Wes rivalry just stems from the Bananas/Wes rivaly, especially from Exes 2.  They will most likely be one of the stronger teams in the house and I can see them making the finals.  One problem is the rivalry between Wes and Bananas.  These two will most likely get into it this season unless Nany can keep her alliance with Bananas. Nany and Bananas have always worked well together on challenges but that comes into question while she’s partnered with Wes.  There is a possibility that Wes and Nany might work with Bananas and Sarah considering those four are seasoned vets, they may work out a deal to not send each other into elimination.  It’s all up in the air at this point.

Vince and Jenna: Banana’s cousin Vince returns for this season and his partnered with Jenna.  Their “rivalry” also will be showed on Bloodlines.  There is a chance their rivalry might have started because of Jenna’s cousin Brianna.  On the cast special for Bloodlines, Brianna states she initially thought Vince was hot.  Something could have happened and Jenna got involved.  We will see once Bloodlines starts.  These two will most likely be sticking around for awhile because we know Bananas will be protecting his cousin and Jenna is also good friends with Nany.

Leroy and Avery: Quite possibly the biggest stretch of this season.  Leroy sent Avery home in elimination on Exes 2 and called her a liar on the after show regarding the accusation of her cheating on Johnny R. These two aren’t even rivals.  Leroy will obviously be working with his boy Bananas so he will be here for practically the whole challenge.

Johnny R and Jessica: The two did not get along on their original season of Real World: Portland.  Personally, I think Jessica is going to be the reason why this team gets sent home.  I think they will make it to the midway point but ultimately will lose an elimination because of Jessica. Johnny has Bananas and Leroy in this game so that might benefit these two, unless Wes tries to get rid of them.  He sent both of them into elimination on Exes 2.

Thomas and Simone: These two got into an un-aired verbal argument on Exes 2.  I think these two are an extremely weak team and should be one of the first couple teams sent home, unless they are saved as a layup.  The layup option is unlikely because I don’t think they have many friends in the house.

Cory and Ashley: Who is Ashley? I forgot about her. She was the girl voted out of the house on RW: Ex-plosion.  Early in the season she made negative comments about Cory and his family.  Not sure how they would do on this challenge.  They both seem like hotheads which could be a disadvantage.  I’m curious to see how Cory does on Bloodlines.

Jamie and KellyAnne: Jamie returns from Bloodlines and KellyAnne is on her second consecutive season of her comeback.  These two have a chance to be a really strong team.  I think they have a chance to make it far.  I do not see what possible alliances they might have this season which could get them sent in if a team plots a power move to send a strong team home. I can see Wes plotting something, don’t forget he and KellyAnne are exes.

Nate and Christina: I don’t watch AYTO so I’m not sure what rivalry these two have.  Christina was on Bloodlines, but I cannot see her being a strong competitor.  They will probably be one of the first teams sent home.

Brandon and Briana: Another AYTO pair I know nothing about.  Maybe an AYTO alliance will form considering they have a decent presence on this season.  I can’t see these two making it far.

Devin and Cheyenne:  A pair from AYTO 3.  Will probably be sent home first or second.

Tony and Camila:  So far on Bloodlines we have seen these too in an argument over comments made about Camila’s sister Larissa. It’s possible more escalates over the season.  Camila is a strong player, Tony not sure how good of a competitor he will be. There is one thing they have in common, and that is starting drama.

My Predictions: 

3 Teams in Final: Bananas and Sarah (1st), Wes and Nany (2nd), Vince and Jenna (3rd)

First 3 teams sent home: Devin and Cheyenne, Thomas and Simone, Nate and Christina (No particular order)